FMW FIR 2014


The FMW FIR 2014 (Financial Information Return for Ontario municipalities) is now available.  Please launch the Saas product from here.  This page also includes installable versions of the software for those users who prefer to install the software locally.

Please note that as well as using ODBC to connect to a database, JDBC can now be used instead.  This is the preferred connection method, as Java 8 no longer supports ODBC.  In addition with ODBC there are frequently problems with 64 and 32 bit software incompatibilities, which are avoided when using JDBC.

To use JDBC,  in the DSN field in the Edit Profile dialog, instead of specifying an ODBC DSN,  use the following notations for Oracle and SQL Server connections respectively.

for Oracle:  jdbc:oracle:thin:@<server>:1521:<sid>
for SQL Server:  jdbc:sqlserver://<server>:1433;DatabaseName=<database>

Replace the values in the <> with those appropriate for your site.  In addition it is possible the port numbers will differ for your site.

Please refer to our support service if you have any difficulty in setting up these connections.

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