FMW Web is a sophisticated and flexible financial budgeting, planning, forecasting, consolidation and reporting tool.  It includes both a robust web-based architecture as well as providing a rich, office-like user interface for a user experience which is far superior to most web-based applications.  This software is designed to operate co-operatively with established financial, human resource, payroll, job costing and distribution systems or in a standalone mode.  It has its own database and data structures, and includes interface features to enable bi-directional exchanges of data with external systems.

FMW Web is particularly suited to multi-participant budgeting, planning and reporting applications in the following areas:
  • Expenditure and revenue budgeting and variance reporting.
  • Short and long term planning for capital projects, jobs or grants.
  • Detailed salary planning at the employee / position level.
  • Product / brand planning, reforecasting and variance reporting.
  • Consolidations.
FMW Web is built around a dynamic, flexible and multi-dimensional data structure, implemented on industry standard relational database systems, which can be used to maintain financial, statistical and textual data. Powerful graphical modeling tools are provided to build budgets and forecasts, including easy and automatic reference to historical trends.