FMW Web includes a powerful, integrated graphical reporting tool. This is very easy to use and unlike many generic reporting tools, requires no knowledge of the database layout, but allows users to develop reports in a visual point-and-click fashion, using terms and structures which are familiar to them. Consequently, no technical support is required in order for a non-technical user (such as a budget analyst) to become completely productive with this tool.

The report writer includes a series of sophisticated features such as in-place drill downs, an MS-Excel interface, text integration, a variety of formatting features, row and column calculations, full multi-page on-line viewing, print preview, and the ability to save and distribute a report as a file.

Report data extraction is performed as a server-side process, and is run in a multi-threaded manner, which means that a large report can be executed and the user can immediately move on to other tasks while the report continues to be executed in the background.

A royalty-free Report Viewer is also provided, which allows any user in your organization to view any saved report file (including full drilldowns) even without direct access to the FMW Web system. A distribution feature is also included in the package, which allows an FMW Web report to be automatically distributed to end-users via an e-mail server.