Unlike most accounting systems and processes (e.g. GL and AP), which are fairly standardized, budgeting, reforecasting and reporting processes differ radically between sectors and even between organizations within a sector. For example, budgeting in a University environment has very little in common with budgeting in a pharmaceutical company. Any software tool which hopes to support a variety of processes even within a single sector needs to be extremely flexible and follow open industry standards for data storage and interfacing. For example such a system cannot predefine the accounting structures used to capture and manipulate data, as these will usually be dictated by source systems such as General Ledgers or Job Cost systems, but must be able to adapt to virtually any such structure required. This type of flexibility is no easy task.

FMW Web is built upon a data model which is highly flexible and configurable. This allows the system to be molded to meet the requirements of a variety of applications. The middle-tier and database architecture is also highly tuned with the result that the system can manage both large data volumes and large numbers of concurrent users.

A rich, functional and graphically-oriented interface allows users be become highly productive with the minimum of effort. All functions are accessed through an icon-driven navigator, which is customized for each user depending on his security profile.

Screenshot (Windows)

Screenshot (Apple OS X)

This software has a uniquely open architecture. One of the characteristics of the kind of processes that are modeled by FMW Web is that they nearly always require some specific business logic to be applied, such as specialized revenue or cost calculations, often accessing other systems. Our add-in architecture along with an API to manipulate the FMW Web data structure, allows such logic to be easily attached to the FMW Web navigation system, where it can be seamlessly accessed by users. This is all accomplished without any modifications to the base software.


The modules of which FMW Web is comprised are:

  • FMW Web Reporting
  • FMW Web Operating Plan
  • FMW Web Salary Plan
  • FMW Web Capital Plan
  • FMW Web Plan Requests
  • FMW Web System Administrator
  • FMW Web Security Administrator
  • FMW Web Model Administrator
  • FMW Web Job Scheduler
  • FMW Web Process Monitor
  • FMW Web Report Viewer
  • FMW FIR (Ontario Municipalities)