Information Technology

FMW Web is a stable, production quality system, which uses industry standard tools and platforms. Once the technical environment has been established it requires little on-going maintenance effort, and except for routine administration tasks, such as backups, is usually operated solely by the end-users.

FMW Web will fit into the corporate technical and data architecture with a minimum of effort. Its extensible interfacing and add-in architecture means that it can easily be integrated with other source systems and that specialized business logic can be added to the system without requiring any modifications to the base software. Although we integrate much client specific business logic into our implementations, any customer of ours can apply one of our standard updates directly and without any special consideration.

The system is built from end-to-end using the Java platform, and operates with all major Java-based application servers and servlet containers, as well as with industry standard database management systems.

At the center of FMW Web are a series of core modules, including a Job Scheduler, Security Administrator, Model Administrator, System Administrator and Process Monitor. This extensive feature set, combined with a highly flexible architecture, means that FMW Web is an ideal platform for any number of planning and financial applications.