Construction and Property Management

The Construction and Property management sectors have traditionally been poorly served in terms of planning and reporting tools. Most software vendors in this sector concentrate on industry specific modules such as Job Costing and Equipment Costing, with financial management tools usually being provided as an afterthought, and as a result these are often quite primitive. This industry has also been experiencing a significant consolidation in North America in recent years, resulting in much larger companies, often needing to provide consolidated reporting over multiple, and often hundreds, of entities, in multiple currencies.

FMW Web has been very successfully and economically used to dramatically improve the quality of financial management in many of these companies, and has the following features, which make it ideally suited to these tasks in this industry sector.

  • Integrated with several leading construction software suites, including Dexter & Chaney, CMiC and Cheetah Advanced Technologies.

  • Easily handles consolidations of unlimited numbers of companies, which is a typical characteristic of many construction / contracting companies. This includes an ability to perform foreign exchange conversions.

  • Data structures are flexible enough to handle planning and reporting data in multiple formats typical of construction companies, including chart-of-accounts (GL), job costing and equipment costing. In many cases FMW Web is also used to calculate and provide a detailed contract schedule.

  • The FMW Web Reporting module and other financial tools radically enhance the capabilities of typical construction software, without stretching the resources of corporate personnel.

  • Built-in modeling tools and flexible configurations make it very easy to plan for various time horizons and entities, for example by property and tenant over a multi-year lease, in the case of a property management company.